Dismissal Procedures

"To avoid serious congestion in the main entrance to the building we will be dismissing students from different locations within the building."

Students in PK, Kindergarten, & First Grade:

Students will be dismissed by the playground adjacent to the primary building - south side (26th Terrace).

Students in Second & Third Grade:

Students will be dismissed by the front of school - west side (25th Avenue).

Students in Fourth & Fifth grade:

Students will be dismissed by the double doors adjacent to Room 2 (26th Terrace).


School buses will stationed along 26th Street. School monitors and teachers on bus duty will assist in monitoring students in bus areas.

Late Pick-Up:

Students waiting for parents to pick them up will be supervised until 15 minutes after dismissal. Students who have not been picked up will be escorted to the Community School Office to contact their parents.

Rainy Day Dismissal:

On rainy days, parents will be allowed to enter the building to pick up their child from their classroom.


Students who are instructed by their parents to walk must do so immediately upon dismissal. Students cannot wait in any area on school grounds unsupervised. Students will be escorted to the outside walkways to ensure they walk home immediately after dismissal for their safety. Please discuss safety measures with students walking to and from school to increase safety awareness.