"Dual Language programs prepare students to be part of our increasingly interconnected global society. They provide the cognitive, cultural, and linguistic benefits which prepare students for the 21st Century."

Extended Foreign Language (EFL) refers to a program delivery system offered at the elementary level which follows the same organization as a Bilingual School Organization except that it is only offered in selected classes per grade level. The EFL Program emphasizes the teaching of language arts and curriculum content in both English and another language (Spanish). The purpose of the EFL Program is to ensure that all students are provided an opportunity to participate in a rigorous language program that offers the prospect of becoming proficient in speaking, reading and writing in English and one other language. Because Kindergarten and Grade 1 are the target entry points for the EFL Programs, it allows for acquisition of the target language at an early age.It aims towards a 60% of instruction in English and a 40% of instruction in the targeted language. If the number of Parental Choice letter responses exceeds the number of spaces available in the EFL Program, the date and time for a lottery will be advertised. Students whose names were selected during the lottery will be accepted into the EFL program. A waiting list will be created with the remaining student names based on the lottery rankings. Every effort must be made to place students whose parents have requested participation in EFL program in an EFL classroom.

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